Our Company Privacy Policy (GDPR Data Protection Policy)

Spanishlanguagelessons.co.uk is owned by Conversation Piece (UK) Ltd. We provide a language training service to students and teachers, matching the language training requirements of students with our database of teachers, who reside in all parts of the UK, thus we match for language and geographical location. Often our clients are corporations who have frequent language training needs for staff who are due to go on overseas assignments.
We are a wholly owned independent private company in the UK. This privacy policy explains how our organisation uses the personal data we collect from you when you use our websites or interact with us via email, telephone or face-to-face.

What data do we collect
Our company collects the following data from all parties who wish to register for our services:
Name, Address, Age, Gender, Email Address, Mobile and Landline Telephone Numbers, Bank Account Details, Billing Address (if different), this information is required from individual non-corporate students.
If the enquiry is from a company, in addition to the names of the personnel who are being put forward for language training, we also collect the contact details of the manager responsible, including company name, address, billing address. Further management contact details and addresses are necessary where students are located in different offices.
We maintain a comprehensive database of language teachers resident in the UK, who are fully qualified to teach. The database holds the names, personal details as above plus their CVs, of over 500+ number teachers and we are able to supply expertise in many languages.

How do we collect your data?
You directly provide Conversation Piece with most all the data we collect. We collect and process data with your express consent,  when you: Register on-line, send us an email enquiry, write to us by letter, contact us by telephone, meet us face-to-face.

In every case, we will only collect your data if you are wishing to either learn or teach a language.

How will we use your data?
First of all we need to match teachers to students whether direct or corporate.
We select at least 3 suitably qualified and experienced teachers from our database and send their details to the students.
Only when the student makes a selection and signs a contract (including the data protection rights of the teacher), do we forward the students details to the selected teacher.
At the same time a booking is made in our internal computer system, an invoice to the student is generated and the teacher’s file on our computer system is updated for payment on a monthly basis according to the length of the booking. For corporate bookings, it is the company that signs the contract and receives the invoices for payment.
While personal information is being processed at all stages of these transactions, we employ rigorous security systems to ensure that your data cannot be compromised.

How do we store your data?
All data processing and storage takes place in our office premises in Worcester Park, Surrey. [Back-up files are securely stored in the cloud Google Drive]. No outside companies are employed to process or store any personal data belonging to our teachers or our students or our corporate client contacts. Hard copies of teachers’ information and CVs, and corporate clients’ details, are kept under lock and key at the same address.

We do not use your personal data for any reason other than our lawful and legitimate purpose of facilitating the successful learning and teaching of languages. Your data is never sold or given to any other party whatsoever other than those mentioned above. The only exceptions could be if law enforcement or courts required us to hand over data, or in the unlikely event of a legal dispute where our solicitors might require certain data to be shown.

 What are your data protection rights?
We would like to make sure you are fully aware of your rights under UK and EU law to personal data protection.

Right of Access - You have the right to ask our company for copies of all personal data we hold about you

Right of Rectification - you have the right to ask us to correct any inaccurate information and also to complete any incomplete information

Right of Erasure - You can ask us to delete your all or some of your information

Right to Restrict Processing - You can ask us to restrict processing of your personal data for example, to not send it to x,y or z company or to ensure no hard copies are kept

Right to Object to Processing - You can stop us processing your data at any time

Right to Portability - this means that you have the right to ask us to transfer all your data to another company or direct to you at any time

These rights are enshrined in law, and we have one month to comply with any request you make to us regarding any of these rights.

Cookies and Marketing
Our company does not use cookies as we are not interested in our members’ internet activity or browsing patterns. Our only marketing activity is to the two way street matching of teachers to students.  While we do make presentations and proposals to corporate clients, we only include anonymised information such as an example CV.

Privacy Policies of Other Websites
At present we have no links to other websites. Should this happen in the future please be aware that our privacy policy applies only to our website. If you click through to another website you should read their privacy policy

Changes to our Privacy Policy
Our policy is under regular review and any updates will be placed on this website. This privacy policy was last updated on 1st December 2019

How to contact the appropriate authority
Should you wish to report a complaint or if you feel that our company has not addressed your concerns in a satisfactory manner, you may contact the ICO via their live chat service ico.org.uk/livechat, or call their helpline on 0303 123 1113.


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